Donation Store

All donations will be used to improve the server and pay the cost for hosting. Please choose how many Donation Points you would like to purchase below. These points can be traded for various cosmetics and items from DonationShop at PrizeNPC in Market (ingame). The shop consists of non OP items such as cosmetics and other obtainable enhancements. You can also purchase Donation Points from other players. We strongly believe in Play 2 Win.

Choose your product:
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1 Donation Point ClassicGarmentBox Open the box to receive a random classic garment
5-15 Donation Points New Cosmetics, Refinery or DragonSouls Check ingame shop for more information
20 Donation Points VIP6 30 Days Increase CPs/DB drop rate and start autohunting
30 Donation Points GoldPrize Gain 1500 HP/MP and 1000 Atk/Magic/Defense

Upon making a purchase you automatically agree to all the terms below.

You agree that all transactions made are final and nonrefundable. You agree that virtual assets such as player items will not be restored if lost or stolen. You agree to not getting any refunds if you get banned for any reason.